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One of the best ways to engage subscribers is to create specific campaigns. Reengagement campaigns help drive inactive users back to your site or store. More information campaigns collect valuable data to help tailor emails more specifically to users. Welcome emails introduce subscribers to what they can expect. There are many campaigns to be explored to help curate your list!


Sending newsletters via email is a common and successful practice. If you run a news site or even a blog, directing subscribers to your articles and posts is key to growing website views. Newsletters keep a constant flow of engagement rolling!


Perhaps what you need is an email suite. This means multiple emails that are built out to go to different types of customers. You wouldn’t want to send an “upgrade your vehicle” email to someone who just bought a brand new car. But perhaps you might want to send them some maintenance coupons! Different emails for different folks.


One time blasts can help promote a sale, event, course, etc. These are ideal for when you have a strong message you want to present. It’s crucial for email blasts to have an enticing call out and perfect imagery. Plus, email blasts help you analyze what emails are most appealing to your subscribers.